Victimized by a quack at a local private clinic, Sadiqa a 24-year- old patient who visited SINA a year back with weight gain, distended abdomen, and burning skin. After thorough examination and questioning, it was determined that she was suffering from steroid overdose prescribed by a quack. SINA quickly took over her treatment, slowly reduced her steroids and is efficiently monitoring her muscle aches and other acute issues. She is very grateful to be able to lead quality life once again.


Saima, a 20-year- old young woman tried self-medication at home to relieve her agony when she experienced epigastric pain. Little did she know that this simple pain in her abdomen was a symptom of Hepatitis C which was diagnosed through the SINA clinic where her treatment started immediately. Saima expressed her immense gratitude to SINA for restoring her back to health owing to its efficient high quality affordable healthcare.


Amna Bai is an 83-year- old lady who often complains of weakness in her body, her case is special due to her old age and insufficient nutrition, she can only afford to eat khichri since her 4 children do not support her financially. Amna Bai lives alone and works at a factory, the fatigue often gets to her. But due to convenience and negligible cost at SINA, Amna Bai has managed to afford regular care and medication. She has been consulting with the SINA clinic since a year and feels a lot healthier than before.

Amna Bai

Talha is a 2-year- old son of a humble taxi driver, who was presented to SINA with rickets, which is a skeletal disorder involving soft weak bones and stunted growth. The doctors at SINA advised his mother with crucial lifestyle and dietary changes along with the medication. Very soon Talha started showing progress and with the efforts and care of his mother he is now healthy. Talha’s mother expressed her gratitude to SINA for treating her son free of cost, and she now uses the money saved on her children’s education.


Asthma had always been affecting Zainab since childhood, to the point that she had to drop out from school because of it. Failure to get treated at private clinics, she visited SINA where she has been treated well, free of cost. She is now able to go back to school without fear of excessive exacerbations and flare-ups of her condition and is leading a much healthier life than before. Zainab is now 13 years of age and regularly visits the SINA clinic.