Our Clinics

SINA Clinics are equipped to manage basic primary healthcare issues. SINA’s Scope of Services include consultations, diagnostic tests, treatment, referrals and family healthcare counselling.


Aisha, Zainab & Abdul Majeed Centre

Location: Ali Muhammad Jokhio Goth (Pipri)
Clinic Supervisor: Ghulam Nabi
Address: Plot # 178 & 179, village Ali Muhammad Goth, Pipri, Bin Qasim Town, Karachi
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Amin Ahmed Bawany Centre

Location: Saleh Muhammad Goth
Clinic Supervisor: Hanook
Address: Plot # 6 & 7, Deh: Landhi, Ghareebad Goth, Bin Qasim, Malir, Karachi
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Anita Rakla Centre

Location: Yousuf Sahab Goth
Clinic Supervisor: Anees
Address: Plot # 1, Block-C, Muhammad Yousuf Sahib Khan Goth, Malir, Karachi
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Austin Centre

Location: Mewashah
Clinic Supervisor: Muhammad Waseem
Address: Plot # 15-A, Rexar Colony, Old Golimar, Opposite Mewashah Graveyard, Karachi
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Bilwani Centre

Location: Bilal Colony
Clinic Supervisor: Waseem Akber
Address: Plot # 45 & 46, Category-A, Sector-8C, Korangi Township, Karachi
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Dr. Ali Bhai D. Patel Memorial Clinic

Location: North Nazimabad
Clinic Supervisor: Reham Dil
Address: B-174 Block W North Nazimabad, Opposite Paposh Graveyard, Karachi
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Dr. Zafar Abbas Centre

Location: Mehran Town
Clinic Supervisor: Usman
Address: Plot 425-A, Deh: Mithani, Goth: Muhammad Khan, District: Malir, Karachi East
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Hajiana Amina Hasham Clinic

Location: Ittehad Colony
Clinic Supervisor: Anwer Khan
Address: Plot # L 825 & 826, Sector 48-F Korangi Dhai, Karachi
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Hajira & Ahmed Umer Centre

Location: Jumma Goth
Clinic Supervisor: Uzair Ejaz
Address: Sector – 54-F, Jummah Goth, Adjacent to Anti TB General Hospital, Korangi # 6, Karachi

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Hanif Adamjee Centre

Location: Yousuf Arfani Goth
Clinic Supervisor: Sadaf Akber
Address: Plot No. 577, Yousuf Arfani Goth, Landhi, Bin Qasim, Malir, Karachi
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IIL Centre

Location: Majeed Colony
Clinic Supervisor: Umer Farooq
Address: Plot No. 9/K & 9/L sector No. 1 Scheme Township Metroville-2 (Landhi) Karachi
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Mohammed Jaffer Ebrahim Centre

Location: Bhittaiabad
Clinic Supervisor: Muhamamd Ismail
Address: Plot # 1339, Deh: Safooran, Goth, Dani Bux, District East, Karachi
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Momin Adamjee Centre

Location: Shireen Jinnah
Clinic Supervisor: Abdullah Khan
Address: 3423/A, Block 5, Street 12, Near Gulshan e Sikandarabad, Kemari, Karachi
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Mr. Salim N. Mukaty and Mrs. Hamida S. Mukaty Centre

Location: Khairabad
Clinic Supervisor: Jan Sher Khan
Address: Plot # 232, Deh: Halkani, Khairabad Goth, Karachi West
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Musa Soorty Centre

Location: Moach Goth
Clinic Supervisor: Manzoor
Address: Plot 4582 & 4583, Somar Khaskahili Goth, Deh Moach, Karachi West
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Qureshi Memon Clinic

Location: Yousuf Goth – 4K
Clinic Supervisor: Tashbiha
Address: Plot # 260, Yousuf Goth Part-II, Deh Surjani, Karachi West
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Raghib Foundation’s Shahnaz Memorial Centre

Location: Saindad Goth
Clinic Supervisor: Rao Arif
Address: Plot no. 42, (old plot No. B-20), Saindad Goth, sector 11-A scheme-33 Karachi
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Shahjehan Siddiqui Centre

Location: Zareena Colony
Clinic Supervisor: Nabila
Address: Plot # 12, Category-A, Sector # 1A2, Zareena Colony, North Karachi Township, Karachi
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SINA Mobile Clinic - Location 1

Location: Konkar Goth
Clinic Supervisor: Farman
Address: Konkar Goth, Gadap Town, Karachi
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SINA Mobile Clinic - Location 2

Location: Kakapir Village
Clinic Supervisor: Farman
Address: Kakapir Village, Karachi
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SINA Mobile Clinic - Location 3

Location: Mubarak Village
Clinic Supervisor: Farman
Address: Mubarak Village, Karachi
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South Florida Centre

Location: Machar Colony
Clinic Supervisor: Abid Khan
Address: KS-1177/A, Mondra Muhallah, near Aqsa masjid, Machar Colony, UC 5, Kemari, Karachi
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Tabba Centre

Location: Khair Muhammad Goth
Clinic Supervisor: Sobia Muneer
Address: Plot No. 148, Deh: Nagan, Sindh Goth Abad Scheme, Khair Muhammad Goth Karachi
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Zainab & Shine Humanity Centre

Location: Baldia
Clinic Supervisor: Riffat Jabeen
Plot # 3-D, Old No. 1726/696, Kokan colony, Baldia town Karachi
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Referral Clinic - DHA

Location: DHA
Clinic Supervisor: Waris
18-C, Mezzanine Floor، Life Care Consultants, 21st East street phase-1، Sector A Karachi
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Referral Clinic - North Nazimabad

Location: North Nazimabad
Clinic Supervisor: Zubair
B-174 Block W North Nazimabad, Opposite Paposh Graveyard, Karachi
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