Our Clinics

SINA Clinics are equipped to manage basic primary healthcare issues. SINA’s Scope of Services include consultations, diagnostic tests, treatment, referrals and family healthcare counselling.

Abdul Majeed Moten Centre

Location: Ittehad Orangi Town
Clinic Supervisor: Muhammad Waseem
Address: House No. 1265, block 1, Muhammad Khan colony, Ittehad Town, Karachi
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Aisha, Zainab & Abdul Majeed Centre

Location: Ali Muhammad Jokhio Goth (Pipri)
Clinic Supervisor: Ghulam Nabi
Address: Plot # 178 & 179, Village Ali Muhammad Goth, Pipri, Bin Qasim Town, Karachi
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Amin Ahmed Bawany Centre

Location: Saleh Muhammad Goth
Clinic Supervisor: Hanook Salamat
Address: Plot # 6 & 7, Deh: Landhi, Ghareebad Goth, Bin Qasim, Malir, Karachi
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Anita Rakla Centre

Location: Yousuf Sahab Goth
Clinic Supervisor: Irfan
Address: Plot # 1, Block-C, Muhammad Yousuf Sahib Khan Goth, Malir, Karachi
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Austin Centre / Tehreek-e-Falah

Location: Mewashah
Clinic Supervisor: Reham Dil
Address: Plot # 15-A, Rexar Colony, Old Golimar, Opposite Mewashah Graveyard, Karachi
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Bilwani Centre

Location: Bilal Colony
Clinic Supervisor: Waseem Akber
Address: Plot # 45 & 46, Category-A, Sector-8C, Korangi Township, Karachi
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Dr. Ali Bhai D. Patel Memorial Clinic

Location: North Nazimabad
Clinic Supervisor: Kamal Hussain
Address: B-174 Block W North Nazimabad, Opposite Paposh Graveyard, Karachi
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Dr. Zafar Abbas Centre

Location: Mehran Town
Clinic Supervisor: Usman
Address: Plot 425-A, Deh: Mithani, Goth: Muhammad Khan, District: Malir, Karachi East
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Hajiana Amina Hasham Clinic

Location: Ittehad Colony
Clinic Supervisor: Anwer Khan
Address: Plot # L 825 & 826, Sector 48-F Korangi Dhai, Karachi
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Hajira & Ahmed Umer Centre

Location: Jumma Goth
Clinic Supervisor: Uzair Ejaz
Address: Sector – 54-F, Jummah Goth, Adjacent to Anti TB General Hospital, Korangi # 6, Karachi

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Hanif Adamjee Centre

Location: Yousuf Arfani Goth
Clinic Supervisor: Sadaf Akber
Address: Plot No. 577, Yousuf Arfani Goth, Landhi, Bin Qasim, Malir, Karachi
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IIL Centre

Location: Majeed Colony
Clinic Supervisor: Umer Farooq
Address: Plot No. 9/K & 9/L sector No. 1 Scheme Township Metroville-2 (Landhi) Karachi
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Mohammed Jaffer Ebrahim Centre

Location: Bhittaiabad
Clinic Supervisor: Muhamamd Ismail
Address: Plot # 1339, Deh: Safooran, Goth, Dani Bux, District East, Karachi
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Momin Adamjee Centre

Location: Shireen Jinnah
Clinic Supervisor: Abdullah Khan
Address: 3423/A, Block 5, Street 12, Near Gulshan e Sikandarabad, Kemari, Karachi
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Mr. Salim N. Mukaty and Mrs. Hamida S. Mukaty Centre

Location: Khairabad
Clinic Supervisor: Jan Sher Khan
Address: Plot # 232, Deh: Halkani, Khairabad Goth, Karachi West
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Musa Soorty Centre

Location: Moach Goth
Clinic Supervisor: Manzoor Elahi
Address: Plot 4582 & 4583, Somar Khaskahili Goth, Deh Moach, Karachi West
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Qureshi Memon Clinic

Location: Yousuf Goth – 4K
Clinic Supervisor: Tashbiha
Address: Plot # 260, Yousuf Goth Part-II, Deh Surjani, Karachi West
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Raghib Foundation’s Shahnaz Memorial Centre

Location: Saindad Goth
Clinic Supervisor: Rao Arif
Address: Plot no. 42, (Old Plot No. B-20), Saindad Goth, sector 11-A Scheme-33 Karachi
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Shahjehan Siddiqui Centre

Location: Zareena Colony
Clinic Supervisor: Nabila
Address: Plot # 12, Category-A, Sector # 1A2, Zareena Colony, North Karachi Township, Karachi
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SINA - Engro Polymers & Chemicals Limited

Location: Gaghar Phattak
Clinic Supervisor: Waseem Akbar
Address: Plot No. A-179, Deh: Hurajee, Goth: Ghulam Muhammad Balouch, Bin Qasim, Malir, Karachi.
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SINA Mobile Clinic - Location 1

Location: Konkar Goth
Clinic Supervisor: Farman
Address: Konkar Goth, Gadap Town, Karachi
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SINA Mobile Clinic - Location 2

Location: Kakapir Village
Clinic Supervisor: Farman
Address: Kakapir Village, Karachi
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SINA Mobile Clinic - Location 3

Location: Mubarak Village
Clinic Supervisor: Farman
Address: Mubarak Village, Karachi
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South Florida Centre

Location: Machar Colony
Clinic Supervisor: Abid Khan
Address: KS-1177/A, Mondra Muhallah, near Aqsa masjid, Machar Colony, UC 5, Kemari, Karachi
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Tabba Centre

Location: Khair Muhammad Goth
Clinic Supervisor: Sobia Muneer
Address: Plot No. 148, Deh: Nagan, Sindh Goth Abad Scheme, Khair Muhammad Goth Karachi
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Zainab & Shine Humanity Centre

Location: Baldia
Clinic Supervisor: M. Waseem
Plot # 3-D, Old No. 1726/696, Kokan colony, Baldia town Karachi
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Referral Clinic - DHA

Location: DHA
Clinic Supervisor: Waris
18-C, Mezzanine Floor، Life Care Consultants, 21st East street phase-1، Sector A Karachi
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Referral Clinic - North Nazimabad

Location: North Nazimabad
Clinic Supervisor: Kamal Hussain
B-174 Block W North Nazimabad, Opposite Paposh Graveyard, Karachi
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