Sharifa at Sina Clinic

Unable to walk and enjoy the playful years of her childhood, Sharifa now 20 met an ugly
accident 15 years ago which turned her life upside down. Sharifa comes from a very humble background, where her brother fends for the family through a toy cart. But there are times when even the income from the cart is not enough.

Sharifa visits the SINA clinic almost every week since 2 years. The staff at the SINA clinic besides providing quality primary healthcare to her, also contributed and purchased a wheel chair for her, which has taken away her burden of immobility. Before this she would have to pay heavily to carry her monthly health expenses, while being physically limited to just her home.

Sharifa has made a family at SINA, and through constant counselling she takes care of her health. She now moves freely and has new hope and a positive attitude towards life.

At SINA we don’t treat patients we empower them to health and progress for their own wellbeing.